Are You Ready to Be Free?

Are you Ready to be Free?

Discover Process of letting go of food rules, becoming in rapport with your body and step into your power

We aren't as women taught to listen to our bodies. We're bombarded daily with what we should be eating and what we should look like. This guide paves the way for something different. 

·      Eating Assessment

·      Hunger and Fullness

·      Emotional Eating and other eating behaviors

·      Achieving Food Peace

How Bright is your Light? The most important question you need to ask yourself to keep yours lit!

We all have a light inside us that wants to shine. I want you to get honest with yourself and ask if yours is burning as bright as it should be. Is it?

When your light is burning bright then it means that the flame is being tended to or there’s a power source for that light that keeps it flowing and going.  You’ve got the right ingredients to make it just GLOW. You are taking care of your body, mind and spirit. You’re living in alignment with your truth and what you really want to be experiencing in life.  You’re taking responsibility for that experience.

Stop right there!

I repeat. You’re living in alignment with your truth and what you want to be experiencing in life. You’re taking responsibility for that experience.

In order to do that you have to first, start asking yourself what it is you REALLY want. Let’s get clear here. Not what you think you can have. Not what you think you deserve and not what you think others or the world thinks you should have. Second, you have to make a decision that it’s ok to receive it and to have it. Because if you don’t believe it’s ok, then every obstacle and barrier that could possibly be, will keep you from it. It will feel impossible even though often we are one small shift from moving towards what we want right now.

What is it that you really want? It’s a powerful and broad question. Often we think we know but then again we’re not so sure and then we realize we have no freaking idea. What was the question again?

Often the closer we get to what we really want, the more the fear factor starts setting in and we start thinking of every reason THAT would NEVER work, isn’t possible and I mean, obviously the world would laugh at us and the sky would pretty much just fall from well, the sky and crush us. Life would be over as we know it and even though that’s part of the process, our brains are just not sure it’s survivable and so change feels impossible.

We are all guilty of this! It’s scary to state your desires but part of my work is to help you see things through a different lens or perspective so you can work through the process of ALLOWING yourself to have what you want, whether it’s with food, your health or your life.

When I discovered this piece IT CHANGED MY LIFE. Even though I had been in the health and wellness for over a decade I realized I wasn’t basing my decisions on what I REALLY wanted. I made decisions based on where I thought I could fit in and had rules galore of what I was allowed to have. You know, don’t let your light shine TOO bright. The irony was that real lasting health STARTS with this piece. It starts with deciding what you want and deciding that YOU ARE GOING TO SHINE YOUR LIGHT! 

This is the basis of all my health programs and a large part of a new group program for women coming up where we’ll be diving in to life changing habits, eating behavior, body image, self-love and of course living a fulfilled life.

If you are a woman who's tired of dieting, ready to go beyond nutrition alone and give yourself a new level of nourishment, get on the list because I've got something spectacular you're going to want to know about!

Ready to go beyond food, radiate confidence and own your brilliance?




It’s not about knowing your beliefs, it’s about questioning them.

Information does not equal change.

Our beliefs are what shape our reality and our world. Who you are and how you show up in the world is a direct reflection of what you believe about yourself, the world and others. Our identity is in fact shaped by our beliefs.

If we don’t like what we are experiencing, can we change them and shift to a new reality for ourselves?

My answer to that is ABSOLUTELY YES!!!  

I am worth whatever I would would like!

Anything is possible for me!

I provide life changing value to my clients!

I am deserving of my fulfilled dreams!

Ok, yes I got it! Pshh...not so fast.

Most of the time it doesn’t work exactly like that and it definitely didn’t for me. I am a self-proclaimed personal growth junkie and I’ve always prided myself on my ability to take action into what I wanted.  Even though I did that, I still harbored massive limiting beliefs about my ability to serve, possibility available to me, what I was allowed to have and I never felt quite right or satisfied. I undercharged, felt stressed out over every decision and every possibility was always stifled by not wanting to take up too much of anything because that might mean…..something bad about me.  “Don’t you dare ask for more” is what my inner voice would say. Although, soooo much better, I still work on these and find myself bumping up against them when I have a “growth spurt”.  THIS is the art of permanent change work. Shifting your beliefs is a necessary piece of changing old behavior and though patterns that keep you stuck.

But they aren’t a light switch. Stretching into a new belief is an experience in and of itself. This is often referred to as showing up outside your comfort zone because that’s what you are doing when you are trying on new beliefs. It’s like seeing life through a new lense.

Can you see how it might be a little challenging to change these?  We’re talking about changing pieces of WHO YOU ARE.

We see our desires out in front of us and we imagine how it would feel to experience them. It would feel amazing, fulfilling and empowering. We day dream and see ourselves in a different world we feel we are meant to be in but can’t seem to break out of the reality we are in now and allow it all to happen. The journey of truly changing our beliefs and restructuring our reality is in and of itself a magical process.

But here’s the thing, we can take action all day long and move towards what we’d like WITHOUT shifting our beliefs very much at all.  It’s totally possible. Seemingly successful people can move through life with plenty of limiting beliefs.The difference is in what they are experiencing and what they are willing to ask for in the first place. Someone who struggles with self worth is going have a more challenging time asking for their dreams. Trying to accomplish your desires with limiting beliefs intact is like struggling uphill wearing a 100lb. backpack of rocks. As you start to transform your beliefs from being burdens, the rocks fall and lighten your load, you see different paths you couldn’t see before, you notice the sky is full of possibility and you’re not afraid to stop in fear you’ll tip over and roll back down the hill. The journey is completely different.

Be willing to fall in love with the process of moving towards what you want.  

It is the best way to fall deeper in love with yourself.   

You have to love yourself enough for them to shift.

So yes, you can be sitting in the middle of exactly what you thought you wanted but still not having the feelings that are congruent with someone experiencing their deepest desires. On the surface people can look like they are moving towards their wants but underneath they are still struggling with beliefs that are making them feel disempowered, frustrated and still feel like something is missing. It’s not to say that these experiences are not valuable because they are incredibly valuable. But it’s important to be aware of not only what you are taking action on, but what you are experiencing.

Becoming unstuck is NOT the same as honoring what you truly want and we often find ways to create the illusion of us moving forward when we are not being honest with ourselves about what that is.

Creating these shifts can be quite confronting. If we break down the word be means “make” and lief means “hold dear, love”. Shifting our beliefs is truly shifting what we hold dear in our hearts. Holding deeply on to our beliefs is an act of love and it makes sense it often feels like we are HOLDING ON FOR DEAR LIFE because we in fact are.

Our beliefs dictate our experience and our experiences CONFIRM our beliefs. 

Whenever we change something we have believed, we are forced with betraying something or someone we hold dear.  

It can be a lot to let go of however in the end it’s bringing us closer to what’s in our hearts.

Funny how that works? 

Do you keep experiencing the same unwanted scenarios in your life?

You say yes, I deserve this. Yes, I’m worth it. Yes, I believe in myself. Only to be experiencing something completely different. There’s often an incongruent belief keeping you in the same pattern.

Here’s an example of unwanted states and corresponding beliefs about self and the world. You can take your own challenges or desired states and ask the same questions to start to uncover your own beliefs. Remember knowing them doesn’t necessarily change them but it’s the first step.

·      Losing and gaining the same 5-10 lbs over and over again (What does someone have to believe about themselves if they are constantly trying to lose weight?)

·      Wanting a sustainable business but treating it like a hobby (What does someone have to believe about themselves to take consistent action that generates clients and income?)

·      Saying yes to the wrong things that don’t serve your ultimate goals and vision for your life(What does someone have to believe about the world in order to say NO to things that are not a fit?)

Part of the work I do with my clients is holding the highest version of them selves possible, exploring beliefs and determining when/how they were formed and creating new resources for them. Then taking them into their lives and testing them out on their map to where they want to go.  As my clients move forward into places they’ve never been before, their beliefs grow as well. An amazing process!

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Holding you to the absolute HIGHEST version of yourself,




How Transformation Coaching can change your life

The word transformation is a word thrown around the Internet everywhere you look. What does that mean exactly?  It implies some kind of change or metamorphosis by definition and in fact as a Transformation Coach that is the result I provide.  The desires we have in any given moment are diverse however we usually have a couple at the top of our list.  Weight loss, changing locations, changing jobs or changing our relationship to food, money and success are a few.  What makes the Transformational Coaching Method I use unique is the experience of the change. It’s not giving information or advice and it has a much different framework than a typical coaching model. 

How is it different?

In a typical coaching model the client comes to the coach with some kind of problem or obstacle. The coaching is about focusing on the problem, going through or removing the obstacle and the results are dependent on the client following through.  That means the results are totally dependent on what the clients is WILLING and ABLE to do from where they are.  There is a limitation there. I say this with deep and profound respect for meeting all clients where they are but part of the transformational coaching magic is learning to be different without having to think about it. And in that process of healing and learning, is the life changing EXPERIENCE that transformational coaching is all about. 

What does that mean exactly?

As a transformation coach I specialize in re-wiring the neurological pathways that lead us to what we want to be doing or experiencing and more importantly who we want to become.  The right things become easy and the wrong things become difficult. And that value goes way beyond just following through on action steps. It changes the way you make decisions and how you make decisions is the ultimate power in your life. 

How it changed my experience of knowing and getting what I wanted.....

I’ve been a client in a typical coaching model when I started my business and while I did get my problems solved most of the time, I was completely miserable, felt totally stressed and thought because I was willing to struggle, I’d get what I wanted. Yep, I thought because I was willing to lose sleep and eat chocolate chips all day that I would MAKE MYSELF SUCCESSUL. What did it mean to be successful to me?  What did I really want? What was this version of me believing about what it took to be successful? I had evidence I believed I was and could be successful but when I learned to define what success looked like for me, I was considerably OFF the mark.

Not only was my mindset considerably unhealthy(and my job was helping people with their health), I was super proud of my struggles.  I created them and owned them because I didn’t know there was any other way.  And I can laugh about this now because I’ve humbly learned one of the most important things about moving forward into your desires is appreciating EVERY moment that’s led you to today, even the ouchy ones.  In fact one of the most awesome, beautiful pieces of this work, is to learn to do just that. 

During so many of my struggles I had support, mentors and a coach but it just wasn’t the right kind of support I needed.  I can also tell you that after my experience with this method, I am pretty darn different, hugely relieved of the burdens I placed on myself and get to live from a place of empowerment.  Not because I read personal growth books or listen to guru's all day telling me to just be more mindful and conquer my fears. But because, I’m learning to embody the love, trust, courage and integrity that allows me to be the co-creator in my life without settling for less than I truly desire.

Curious about what YOU can expect out of my Transformational Coaching Sessions and Programs?

Clarity on your desires. Uncovering what you really want.

Understanding yourself in a way you never have.

A safe container for you to develop the highest vision you have for yourself

A laser focused vantage point on your conscience and unconscious behavior and beliefs.

Learn to reach beyond your limits and expand your map of reality.

Re-define the meaning of fear in your life so you can make empowered decisions

Discover the beliefs that are allowing you to settle for less than what you truly want.

Learn to shift patterns of disempowerment, stopping, quitting, procrastination andself sabotage

An invitation to show for yourself in a way you never have before.


Holding you to a higher vision of yourself,


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