How Bright is your Light? The most important question you need to ask yourself to keep yours lit!

We all have a light inside us that wants to shine. I want you to get honest with yourself and ask if yours is burning as bright as it should be. Is it?

When your light is burning bright then it means that the flame is being tended to or there’s a power source for that light that keeps it flowing and going.  You’ve got the right ingredients to make it just GLOW. You are taking care of your body, mind and spirit. You’re living in alignment with your truth and what you really want to be experiencing in life.  You’re taking responsibility for that experience.

Stop right there!

I repeat. You’re living in alignment with your truth and what you want to be experiencing in life. You’re taking responsibility for that experience.

In order to do that you have to first, start asking yourself what it is you REALLY want. Let’s get clear here. Not what you think you can have. Not what you think you deserve and not what you think others or the world thinks you should have. Second, you have to make a decision that it’s ok to receive it and to have it. Because if you don’t believe it’s ok, then every obstacle and barrier that could possibly be, will keep you from it. It will feel impossible even though often we are one small shift from moving towards what we want right now.

What is it that you really want? It’s a powerful and broad question. Often we think we know but then again we’re not so sure and then we realize we have no freaking idea. What was the question again?

Often the closer we get to what we really want, the more the fear factor starts setting in and we start thinking of every reason THAT would NEVER work, isn’t possible and I mean, obviously the world would laugh at us and the sky would pretty much just fall from well, the sky and crush us. Life would be over as we know it and even though that’s part of the process, our brains are just not sure it’s survivable and so change feels impossible.

We are all guilty of this! It’s scary to state your desires but part of my work is to help you see things through a different lens or perspective so you can work through the process of ALLOWING yourself to have what you want, whether it’s with food, your health or your life.

When I discovered this piece IT CHANGED MY LIFE. Even though I had been in the health and wellness for over a decade I realized I wasn’t basing my decisions on what I REALLY wanted. I made decisions based on where I thought I could fit in and had rules galore of what I was allowed to have. You know, don’t let your light shine TOO bright. The irony was that real lasting health STARTS with this piece. It starts with deciding what you want and deciding that YOU ARE GOING TO SHINE YOUR LIGHT! 

This is the basis of all my health programs and a large part of a new group program for women coming up where we’ll be diving in to life changing habits, eating behavior, body image, self-love and of course living a fulfilled life.

If you are a woman who's tired of dieting, ready to go beyond nutrition alone and give yourself a new level of nourishment, get on the list because I've got something spectacular you're going to want to know about!

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