A 6 week experience transformational experience for women where you get to EMBODY the best version of you through functional nutrition and transformation coaching.  


Most of us have been on the health journey of changing what we do. 

This is an opportunity to embrace who you are BEING when you take care of yourself



My name is Nanci and functional nutrition and a whole foods diet focused on shifting hormone balance truly was life changing. In fact I helped my clients with this approach for several years. I had great results but over time it was obvious that it could only take them so far because it only took me so far! It was frustrating. I thought I had all the right information and I was partially correct about that. I had a lot of information, certifications and was constantly learning but there were elements of mindset and relationship with my body and self that were greatly out of alignment. Learning to shift beliefs and balance my health journey was life changing and now I help others do the same with this revolutionary program.

This course is for you if:

you're tired of trying to eat the right things and do all the right things and aren't even sure if they are helping...

you take pretty good care of yourself but still feel like something is missing...

struggle finding the time to take care of yourself...

you are tired of diets, hate deprivation and love the idea that health can actually be fun and expansive...

you are done waiting until you are fit enough, healthy enough, thin enough to do what you know you want to do...

You are ready to finally give yourself the love you deserve...


This course is not for you are:

trying to lose a couple pounds and aren't interested in personal growth...

looking for a quick fix or magic pill...

Aren't interested in any inner work...

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Feel like the most alive and empowered version of yourself!

What you get:

  • 6 Weekly group coaching sessions designed to help you create better health than ever.
  • The Embody 6 week program guide with weekly handouts. 
  • A free month to www.RealPlans.com online meal planner.
  • Supplement suggestions
  • A 30 min laser focused coaching call where we get to go over individual assessments and questions
  • Option to run a DUTCH Hormone test. Read more at: https://dutchtest.com/

Program Outline:

Week One: Preparing to nourish your body, mind and soul. Deep clarity around what you want and connection around why you want it.  Functional Health Assessment review as well as review of the Embody food guide.

Week Two: Practicing the art of satisfaction and building a relationship with your body through listening to hunger and fullness. 

Week Three: Stress Relief and reframing perceived stressors. How are your biggest challenges helping you grow?

Week Four: Sleep, creating space and learning from our cravings.

Week Five: Self-Sabotage...what it looks like, why we do it and breaking through it.

Week Six: Re-defining balance and boundaries

And so much more!!!

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In this revolutionary program you get to: 

Learn how to shift your mindset for success every step of the way. The wrong mindset leads to excuses, blame, shame and ALL the reasons you can't experience the success you desire. Trying to eat well, manage stress and take care of yourself just doesn't work without the right mindset. The simplest changes can yield huge results when we're in the right mind space(and heart space).

Discover and breakthrough obstacles keeping you from what you really want. Obstacles will all be there and we all have them. Identifying them and working through them each day and week is key.

Receive a personalized functional nutrition assessment to understand what systems of your body may need the most support.

Get bite size chunks of nutrition science without feeling overwhelmed. We'll be talking about why you want to be eating high vibe foods that work for your body but also HOW TO so that eating well is easy and fits into your life.

Go beyond food to create lasting changes that spill over into every area of your life. Ever hear that the way you do one thing is how you do everything? When we start shifting into taking ownership of who you want to BE in your life, it can't help but affect all areas of your life.

STOP feeling like you're either on or off the wagon and find out what works for YOU. While we'll be going over the need to know science regarding functional nutrition, this is really about finding a plan that truly works for you. 

Understand what's behind your cravings so you can shift them with ease. What are you REALLY craving? You get to find out in this program.

Let go of deprivation and one-size-fits all nutrition plans that don't fit into your life. Enjoy the powerful combination of making peace with all foods and learning too choose foods that serve your highest good. 

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