Love Letters

I was feeling old. I was bloated! I was stiff! I realized being being a health and fitness expert for over 30 years—— I needed help myself.

Nanci knows her stuff! I’ve known Nanci for many years— but just recently started working with her six months ago as my personal health coach— focusing on biochemical/hormone balancing and gut-health. I can say the information and protocols I have utilized have been nothing short of transformational and game changing for my personal health and well-being.

If you do not feel 100% your best— invest in yourself and don’t just survive… THRIVE! .

— Marshall Eklund, M.A. Fitness and Movement Expert Marshall Eklund Fitness and Pilates, Founder
I realized during the process that even though I am a mom, I need to take time to take care of myself and that that is not being selfish!! I can be a better mom and wife when I am well cared for and feel my best. And investing in myself was important and worth every dollar and minute of the work!

I now make sure I nap if I need to, I make sure to eat when I need to and not put it off all the time. I am more aware of my own needs and usually take care of those needs and I can see the benefit to my family! A happier mama is a better mama!

I wondered for a while if I would be able to afford the help, if I could keep up with what I’d need to do, and if it would even be beneficial. But it was a really neat experience! I enjoyed doing the lab work and getting the results. In a lot of ways I enjoyed the process and felt like I was really doing something great for myself! And the progress I made was so encouraging!!

— - Santina S.
I can’t even begin to put a value on this work we have done together -it was such a powerful healing break through I only wish I had started sooner.
This past summer I was flat, apathetic and lacking joy and stuck in a deep yucky rut. I knew I need help beyond myself to pull out of it, so I turned to Nanci.
Nanci took me through a series of coaching calls that re-ignited the flame in me I once had. She helped me to dig in to what I want and to see how certain mindsets I was holding on to were keeping me from going for what I truly desired in my life and my business. With Nanci, I feel safe, at ease and willing to be completely open/vulnerable and honest - we have a great rapport that I feel is key to my success in working with her and she makes it so easy for me to be completely transparent and real. This of course only helps with the end result -which by the way was a massive shift from when we started together. I no longer felt stuck, rather I feel so much happier, freer, at peace/ease with more focus, clarity and direction as to what I want and where I am headed with tools to help me from falling back into a stuck place again like I was in the beginning when we got started.
— Lydia Joy
You changed my life! Working with Nanci was the best decision I’ve ever made for both my personal and professional development. I was to a point where I knew I had to get some outside help in order to make the kind of transformational changes that I truly desired. I realized that trying to be my own “therapist” was not working, no matter how many self-help books or blog posts I read, or how many videos or podcasts I listened to. I was not able to dig deep enough on my own to bring about lasting change. I can honestly say that I feel like a totally different person now than I did when we first started. I cannot speak highly enough about working with Nanci and how exciting it is to finally feel like I am stepping into the life I’ve always dreamed about.
— Jessica
I decided to select Nanci as my coach to help me discover why I had fallen back in to my old eating patterns and find resolution to my battle with food and weight without going on “Another Diet”. She had a healthy light about her that I was drawn too.I am grateful for her knowledge of supplements and adaptogens, as well as, the ability to test hormones/physiological imbalances. This helped to relieve me of some of my shame/blame criticisms for why I had cravings. I also appreciate her coaching model that we were treating me and not the “results” of my tests. I am grateful for the conscious tools your program provides in order to support having a healthy, pleasurable relationship with food and my body.
— Aimee
As an executive and single mom of 3 I had treated my body like a tool for many years. Pushing it, abusing it, and creating a chaotic internal environment that matched the external chaos and stress in my life. Nearing my 40’s my body stood in complete revolt and began shouting loudly. I had explored many therapeutic healers and was slowly teaching myself a new rhythm and way to live but the missing piece was caught up in years of issues surrounding food. When I came to Nanci I confidently declared that I just needed to add more calories. She graciously listened and guided me away from my laser focus fix and began teaching me how to heal my body and understand nutrition in a radically different way. Having access to tests that provided insight into how my body was functioning coupled with Nanci’s insight into the power we have to change that functioning created conditions that fostered healing. Rewiring the brain takes time and practice but as the symptoms begin to fade I could connect with the hope that I could experience health and wholeness. I highly recommend going with an individualized plan and protocol to begin thriving and living with joy. I had accepted a life of pain and stress when there is really no reason or benefit in doing so. It’s great to remember that I was created to enjoy life to it’s fullest and that is possible!
— Linda