90 Day Functional Health Transformation

Using functional lab work as a no-non sense approach to getting to the root of your health concerns, so you can balance your hormones, heal from the inside out and live the amazing life you are meant to.

When it comes to natural health some people get better and some people don't . So, what's the difference? I can tell you there are many variables but the main one I see is how the health concerns are approached. Despite natural efforts, some still treating the symptoms and instead,  I treat the person. YOU! With your unique needs, with your unique history within the context of YOUR life. This is not a one size fits all program.

I use functional lab work and a detailed questionnaire to establish what areas of your body need the most support. That means by our second meeting I know exactly how your body is adapting to stress(or not) and what your steroid hormone levels are by using a simple saliva test. By using the BioHealth Adrenal Stress Profile test I am able to interpret the results of hormones tested from a functional perspective and include options in your protocol that will help you reach your health goals much sooner. To read more about why assessing the health of your adrenals is a critical first step in a deeper health journey you can read more below.


It's true, a large part of your health depends on what's on the end of your fork but I can tell you first hand and from what I see with my clients, that it is often not enough in this day and age. We are sicker than we have ever been as a nation despite ALL the research, the books and experts. Our world is painfully toxic and it's taken it's toll significantly on us. As we hear everyday inflammation is at the core of most if not all degenerative diseases. Through specialized lab work we can uncover underlying chronic stressors that may be slowly chipping away at our health daily without us even knowing it. This program is for people who are at a 9 or 10 in terms of commitment and willing to follow through with my support 100% of the time.


Why This Program is so successful


You'll know your cortisol rhythm and DHEA-S, progesterone, testosterone, estradiol, estriol, and melatonin. The data revealed in this profile will answer so many questions about your health complaints that go far beyond the guessing game(Lab Fee included!)

Weekly action steps customized to your health goals

The right support, system and compassionate coaching you need to make sustainable change and follow through on protocols

Nutritional Assessment Evaluation via detailed questionnaire to pinpoint what areas of your body need the most support.

Someone to see through all your health challenges until they are resolved

Time tested supplement and lifestyle protocols designed to get to the bottom of your complaints for good.

Optional ability to run additional testing if warranted, including but not limited to GI Health, Hair/Tissue/Mineral Analysis and Detoxification and food sensitivity testing.

The ultra valuable skill of proper self care.


What's included?


  • 12 Weekly One Hour Sessions in person, phone or virtual(SKYPE)
  • Nutritional Assessment Evaluation via Questionnaire
  • BioHealth Adrenal Stress Profile lab test (saliva) or other possible suggested tests that may be more useful(Price will be adjusted) 
  • Interpretation of all lab work within the 90 Day package including additional labs
  • Laser focused healing protocol combining the highest quality supplements and life changing lifestyle suggestions.
  • Education on your unique Body's health challenges from a functional perspective
  • A high level of accountability and support so that you can take consistent action to get the best results in the shortest amount of time possible
  • An approach to your your health you've never experienced

*Additional Labs Available

Investment: $1497

If you'd like to discuss if the 90 Day Total Health Transformation is for you please contact me for a free consultation.

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